About 100 scientific and methodological works on optimization of learning process and exercises at MedicalUniversity were published. Selected material is systematically used in the theoretical and practical parts of the educational process and training sessions. A part of the works was presented at national conferences on problems of physical education and athletic morphology (Kishinev, Kharkov, Moscow, Frunze, Donetsk, Cluj-Napoca). In 1983 «Guide on indications for physical education» for students of 1-5 years in Russian was published, the author was V.Gagauz. In 1999 it was published in the Romanian language.

For 18 years the lecturers of the department have prepared 30 reports for the international symposium with colleagues from Medical University of Cluj-Napoca.

From 2012 to 2016 the lecturers of the department are working on a new project: «Selection of methods of motor activity for students of special medical group».