A brief history

The Department was established in 1945 and it was named «The course of physical education and therapeutic physical training».

A. Omelchenko (1945-1949) was the first head of the department. In succeeding years the department was headed by F.Vaculenko (1949-53), V.Postnikov (1953-1954), V.Tishler (1954-1957), N.Muhin (1957-1969). In 1969 associate professor G.Gagaus became the head of the department and he was able to improve training process, scientific and methodological work for 24 years. At that time new programs for students of the 1-5 years were developed. Vasiliy Guragata was the head of the department from 1993 to 2012. Today the department is headed by Veacheslav Chernov, senior lecturer.

For 25-30 years lots of highly-qualified specialists were working here. For example, senior lecturers Dobrovolsky, R.Volosnikova, S.Legas, V.Shtepka, V.Zgerya, K.Hinku and others, who improved educational process and prepared qualified students. The present-day staff of the department consists of 7 lecturers: V.Chernov, V.Guragata, M.Ivanova, V.Sergeeva, S.Miron, V.Dyakonu, M.Cojocar.

The department uses the stadium with the area of 900 square metres   and sports hall with the area of 500 square metres. It’s also planned to use a new stadium, which will be commissioned on the first of September 2013. In classes in physical training students develop various motor qualities for future career. There were developed about 100 guides, which are focused on optimization of the learning process and exercises at the University of Medicine.

A part of the works has been presented at republican and all-union scientific conferences. Sports trainings are the most important aspects of training students. Today sports clubs are held on 10 sports and 240 students improve their skills in 11 groups. There were lots of competitions of various scales, where our teams took part in. They performed successfully in boxing (coach F.Zaichick), rowing (coach N.Makovey), wrestling (coaches I.Dobrovolskiy, M.Bradu), volleyball (coaches R.Volosnikova, E.Safonov), basketball (coach Mihalev), handball (V.Guragata), track and field (V.Shtepka). Tournaments with the participation of medical  students from different cities ( Chernovtsi, Ivanovo-Frankovsk, Lvov, Riga, Kaunas, Vinnitsa, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Vitebsk, Minsk, Baku, Tbilisi, Odessa etc.) have become more popular. There was an exchange of sports delegations with medical departments of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 1975-77. And since 1991 meetings with students of   medical university of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) have become permanent.